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Founded in 1999, In Vino Veritas has far more distant roots: the Negri family have been wine retailers in Lecco for more than 100 years. And it is with the same passion of their ancestors and with the competence and experience handed down from generation to generation that the two current owners, brothers Carlo and Giovanni Battista, now operate a modern and cozy shop.

Built upon the old cellar, the new store has over 1,300 labels of wines, sparkling wines, champagnes and quality spirits from Italy and abroad. The shop also offers gourmet food, such as homemade pasta, sauces, delicate chocolate and pastries, and many other regional specialties.

The company, catering to both individual customers and to bars and restaurants, expanded in 2005 with the opening of the In Vino Veritas Cafe, a bar that specializes in serving high-quality wines.

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In Vino Veritas Srl
Via Ghislanzoni, 83
23900 Lecco (LC)
Phone: +39 0341 363593
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